Norfolk taxi crashes through Flour and Bean café window

Taxi accident at bakery in Gorleston
Image caption A woman travelling in the taxi sustained minor injuries
Taxi accident at bakery in Gorleston
Image caption The owners said a regular customer who usually sat near the window had chosen a different table that day
Flour and bean cafe after taxi drives through window
Image caption They said it would be "business as usual" once the mess was cleared up

A woman was injured when a taxi ploughed into a bakery shop on a Norfolk high street.

The vehicle smashed into the window of the Flour and Bean café in Gorleston at about 09:30 GMT.

The East of England Ambulance Service said a woman in her 40s was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

A spokesman for Anglia Taxis said the driver, who was not directly employed by them, was not injured.

Kerry Smith, 45, manager of the café, said: "There was an almighty crash.

"We just ran to the back and when we looked round there was a taxi through the front of the shop."

Co-owner Lorraine Laingchild, added: "We have a customer who normally sits in the window, but fortunately sat at the back today. It could have been so much worse."

On Twitter, they said: "We're OK, if rather bewildered and shocked.

"So relieved it wasn't worse and that everyone is intact."

The coffee shop would be "open as usual" on Thursday, they added.

Correction 22 November 2013: This story has been amended to clarify that the injured woman was not a passenger in the taxi, as the BBC was originally informed.

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