Triumph Herald covered 20 miles in 52 years

Triumph Herald
Image caption It is thought the female owner of the Triumph Herald never actually drove it

It is described as a "classic car with one careful lady owner".

But what makes this Triumph Herald so unusual is that it has covered just 20 miles since it rolled off the production line 52 years ago.

Still sporting its original 1961 £15 tax disc, the blue and white car was delivered to the buyer's home by trailer.

The Triumph is to be auctioned on Saturday by East Anglian Motor Auctions in Wymondham.

After the Triumph's original owner died years later, her family sold it back to the car dealer who sold it.

Auctioneer Tristram Belemore-Smith said: "When he (the dealer) went to see it, he discovered it had not been driven from the day it had been delivered brand new - and decided to keep it as part of his private collection."

The Triumph is expected to make between £12,000 and £15,000 at auction.

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