Norfolk bungalow car crash: Impact moves whole property

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Media captionThe impact of the crash moved the whole bungalow two inches back

The impact of a car ploughing into the front of a bungalow in Norfolk moved the whole building.

Two elderly people were at the back of the property on Lime Tree Avenue in Wymondham when the car crashed into a bedroom on Monday night.

They were were unhurt, although the bungalow's occupant is now homeless.

Ken Weston-Gare, from Norfolk Fire Service, said there was severe damage to the front of the bungalow and the whole building had been pushed back.

"The lintels over where the windows were have been structurally damaged and the impact has actually moved the whole property about two inches to the rear," he said.

The driver suffered minor injuries.

An investigation into the cause of the crash is under way.

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