Welney Land Rover flood driver was 'irresponsible'

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Media captionNorfolk Police said the driver had been "extremely irresponsible"

A man who drove through deep flood water and posted video footage on YouTube has been condemned by police.

The video, shot from a Land Rover being driven along a flooded stretch of road at Welney, Norfolk, shows water flowing over the vehicle's bonnet.

Norfolk Police said the driver's actions had been "extremely irresponsible and dangerous".

When contacted by the BBC, the driver declined to comment.

The five-minute video, entitled "Ross's Defender Wading Welney", was shot on Tuesday and shows the Land Rover negotiating the A1101 Wash Road, between Delph Bridge and Suspension Bridge.

The road was closed after the River Ouse flooded during recent heavy rains, with water in the area reaching a depth of 1.35m (4.5ft) in places.

Prosecution warning

Traffic between Littleport and Wisbech has had to take either a 25-mile diversion via Downham Market or a 35-mile detour via Chatteris.

At one point in the video, a tractor and trailer pass in the opposite direction, causing a wave of water to surge over the Land Rover's bonnet.

Water can also be seen seeping into the vehicle.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: "Such action is extremely irresponsible and dangerous.

"We'd urge drivers not to continue down any road when confronted by flood waters of this magnitude.

"It is behaviour like this that puts the driver and passengers in danger and also could necessitate a call from the emergency services to retrieve you if you get into difficulty.

"You could also sustain serious damage to the vehicle."

This week Cambridgeshire Police warned drivers who ignored flood warning signs and got stuck in deep water could be prosecuted.

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