Sonny Yallop's Norfolk treetop challenge ends

Sonny Yallop in Pentney Abbey treetop
Image caption Mr Yallop said his legs were "feeling it" after a month up a tree

A Norfolk man who has spent a month living in a tree has raised only a fraction of the charity money he was aiming for.

Sonny Yallop, 42, has now climbed down after living on a wooden platform at the top of an ash tree at Pentney Abbey.

He had been hoping to raise thousands of pounds for cancer research, but currently has £250.

He was raising money in memory of an aunt who died from cancer a year ago.

Mr Yallop said: "I'm a bit disappointed by the amount raised, but times are hard for everybody and if it was £200 or £200,000, someone will benefit."

Mr Yallop, who is from King's Lynn, did not leave the tree for a month and washed using wipes or in rain showers.

Rain showers

He took shelter using his fisherman's three-sided tent.

His family brought food and drink up and down for him and emptied the chemical toilet he was using.

He said: "My legs are feeling it, but all that experience was quite fantastic with the highs being the sunrises and sunsets.

"The lows were not being able to have a shower, but I did manage to have a couple of natural rain showers, so it wasn't so bad.

"My aunt would be proud and it was a bit of grieving process for me being up there, and now I've come down with peace."

Mr Yallop hopes more money can still be raised with subsequent raffles and pledges.

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