Norfolk rabbit owner builds luxury hutch

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Media captionJason Batterbee believes the rabbit hutch is worth around £10,000

A pet owner from Norfolk has built a luxury hutch for his two rabbits which he says is worth £10,000.

Jason Batterbee, of Dersingham near King's Lynn, based the hutch, which has a mezzanine level, on a log cabin.

The "two-bedroom" hutch for rabbits Hunnie and Runnie also features a cedar wood roof, stainless steel guttering, a fan and a CCTV system.

"The old hutch was starting to deteriorate so I thought I'd give myself a project," Mr Batterbee said.

Costing a little over £1,000 in raw materials, Mr Batterbee said the many weeks of labour required to build it gave the hutch its designer price tag.

"It took around nine months between work and other commitments as everything is handmade for the job," said Mr Batterbee.

Solar panels

"The basis for it went out of the window. I get carried away, but I think more is better for them and the bunnies have got a life of luxury."

There is no home entertainment system, but Mr Batterbee is already thinking about how the property can be developed.

"It can be improved and I've got some other ideas but the boss [wife Mairi] will have to say yes or no," he said.

"I've had the idea of possibly putting in some radiators for them - stainless steel of course - which we can heat via solar panels.

"I like to think they appreciate it. They look as if they smile now and then, but it might just be the case that we're coming in with food."

Hunnie and Runnie are not the only animals to be living in luxury at the Batterbees'. The couple also own two chinchillas and two iguanas which have the sounds of the jungle played to them from an mp3 player.

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