New jobs planned by M&S in Norwich

Up to 80 temporary jobs are being created in Norwich by the expansion of a major high street store.

The city's M&S branch is doubling its shopfloor space.

The new staff will be taken on between October and April, taking the total number of posts to 130.

Staffing levels will be reviewed in the spring. Manager Andy Barber said: "We'll look at what trade we're getting and how many permanent jobs we can take."

He added: "It's quite encouraging in the current environment where jobs are not plentiful that we'll be able to offer some here."

The building project has taken 18 months to complete and the Rampant Horse Street store will be officially relaunched on 22 September.

Marks and Spencer first opened in Norwich's London Road in 1911 but closed in 1926. It reopened in its current location in 1960.

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