Norwich Airport alert over smoke smell on Flybe plane

Emergency services were called to Norwich Airport when the pilot of an incoming flight reported the smell of smoke in the cockpit.

Fifteen fire engines and several ambulances were sent to the airport to meet the flight from Edinburgh.

The Flybe 547 flight, with 55 people on board, landed safely at 1915 BST on Tuesday. None of the passengers were hurt, an airport spokesman said.

No other flights were affected and an investigation is to be carried out.

A Flybe spokeswoman said: "Flybe can confirm that an unidentified smoky smell was detected by the crew on the flight deck of the above flight on approach to Norwich airport last evening and, as is a normal precautionary measure in such a situation, emergency vehicles were placed on standby.

"The aircraft landed safely and following an external visual inspection by the fire crew in attendance the aircraft taxied to the stand where all 55 passengers disembarked as normal."

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