Fire calls over Norwich cathedral's new heating


A new heating system at a cathedral in Norwich has led to people dialling 999, thinking the building is on fire.

St John the Baptist cathedral installed the heating in September.

When the £430,000 system reaches the right temperature steam is let off up a chimney, which is a tower at the west end of the cathedral.

People have mistaken the steam for smoke and rung for the emergency services. The fire service said it had been called "on a number of occasions".

The cathedral said the brigade was called on the first day it turned the heating on.

But the system has provided "proper warmth" for the building for the first time in 100 years, the spokesman said.

Steam appears from the tower about every 30 minutes.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "We would like to thank the public for their vigilance.

"We have been in contact with the cathedral over this issue and would ask people to be aware of the situation."

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