Bailiffs to target tax avoiders in north Norfolk


A council plans to crackdown on hundreds of residents who deliberately fail to pay their council tax or business rates in north Norfolk.

"They can expect bailiffs to visit over the next few weeks," a spokesman said.

"They will take possession of goods and property unless the debtor acts as quickly as possible to arrange to pay."

From Monday 22 November, bailiffs will be visiting up to 750 people who owe North Norfolk District Council a total of £425,610 in council tax.

Those being targeted have had at least four requests for payment.

About £147,751 of the target is new debt accumulated in 2010/11.

Needed for services

A further 58 business rates payers owing a total of £77,727 can also expect a visit.

If the debtors do not make arrangements to pay, their goods or property seized during the crackdown will be sold at auction to help pay off their debt, the spokesman said.

Peter Moore, cabinet member for resources, said: "Debt is a worry for so many of us at times like these.

"But ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

"Deliberately not paying council tax or business rates means you are hurting others by withholding money that would be spent on local services."

He said people who were having difficulties making their payments can get help.

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