Boy threatened to burn down Attleborough High School


A teenager caught with a petrol can and knife in his rucksack who threatened to burn down a Norfolk school has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted threatening to destroy property and possessing items to damage property.

Norwich Crown Court heard that police were alerted to threats the boy made against the school on the internet.

The court heard he was apprehended by staff at Attleborough High School.

Malcolm Robins, prosecuting, told the court the teenager had made threats on an internet chatroom and had spoken to a youth involved in a massacre at a school in Germany shortly before the planned attack.

'Danger to public'

Joseph Williams, living in the West Country, picked up the threats on the internet and worked out which school was being targeted before notifying the authorities.

Judge Philip Curl awarded Mr Williams £500 out of the public purse for his actions.

The teenager told staff he had planned to burn down the English section first as the books would help the fire burn, the court heard.

He had a fascination for violence and when his home was searched a ball bearing gun was found.

The teenager said he felt he had been neglected and let down and his plan was a way of taking revenge.

The judge was told that the teenager has mental health problems and was a danger to the public.

The court heard that the boy will only be released when the mental health authorities consider he is no longer a risk.

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