Methwold school could offer university degree courses


A secondary school in Norfolk is considering offering university degrees.

Methwold High School is drawing up proposals that would allow it to run courses in law and business administration.

It would be affiliated to the University of London's International Programmes and enrol students in 2011.

Head teacher Denise Walker said the anticipated tuition fees totalling £7,000 was its "biggest attraction".

Twenty students could be taught at a new community building at the school.

'Local enthusiasts'

"We've been doing some research in the local area for the past six months to try to meet the needs of employers in business and industry," said Mrs Walker.

"We very much want to be this a whole community learning experience, so we have been seeking their advice as to what type courses they think would be appropriate."

Under government plans, universities in England will be able to charge tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year from 2012.

Mrs Walker said Methwold would charge £2,000 less for the whole course.

"The cost factor is certainly the biggest attraction," she added.

"For some young people, having a different option - to stay local and start work while carrying on their study - I think that will be quite attractive as well."

Jonathan Kydd, dean of the University of London International Programmes, which has around 50,000 people worldwide enrolled on its courses, said: "This is a group of local enthusiasts who have a very good case for what they want to do."

The area has relatively low progression rates from school to university, he said.

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