Conman tricks banks in Norfolk out of £600

Banks across Norfolk have been tricked out of hundreds of pounds by a conman.

The offender is believed to have targeted banks in the Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Aylsham and North Walsham areas on Thursday afternoon.

During each incident he handed over a large amount of cash asking for it to be changed into £10 notes.

The man then confused the cashier and eventually left with more than £100 extra. He made off with more than £600 in total, said Norfolk Police.

'Clever type'

The offender was described as 5ft 6in (1.67m) tall with short black hair.

Officers warned other businesses to beware of such distraction theft.

Norfolk Police spokeswoman Suzanne Crannage said: "On each occasion the man managed to confuse the members of staff to such an extent that he ended up walking away with extra money.

"This is a very clever type of distraction theft and we would warn other businesses to be vigilant."

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