Baby otter found in house in Norfolk village

The otter courtesy of Sheila Manisier
Image caption The RSPCA believe the baby otter became separated from its parents

A baby otter has been found in the kitchen of a house in a Norfolk village.

The animal was discovered by a family when they heard a noise at their home on Monday night in Taverham Chase, Taverham, near Norwich.

Sheila Manisier fed and looked after the animal, which is believed to be between two and four months old, until the RSPCA arrived on Tuesday.

The otter was taken to the RSPCA's East Winch centre for rehabilitation.

The RSPCA believes the otter has been separated from its parents.

'Very surreal'

Ms Manisier said whenever she gave the animal water in a bowl it would tip it over and roll in it.

Ms Manisier, who fed the animal raw fish, said: "We live in a detached house in Taverham where our garden is fenced all the way round for the two dogs.

"We have no idea where he [the otter] came from and how he got into the garden. Once in the garden he obviously came in through the open back door.

"We are still finding it hard to believe that we had a baby otter in the house overnight.

"It all seems very surreal. How lucky are we?"

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