Coronavirus: Chester drive-in movie bogged down by lockdown loos

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The drive-in movie theatre is due to be held at Chester FC's stadium

Plans for a drive-in cinema in Chester were bogged down after the toilets were found to be across the border with Wales and subject to Welsh Covid rules.

The bathroom facilities at Chester FC cannot be used due to the new Covid-19 lockdown in Wales.

Anyone caught short would not have been allowed to cross the border.

But event promoter Storyhouse has confirmed it has managed to hire some portable toilets so customers "could have a wee without breaking the law".

Chief executive Andrew Bentley said earlier: "The toilets are in the stand - it is all a bit crazy.

"Originally we had planned to have six nights on the Welsh part of the ground but had to change it to the English part of the car park after the Welsh Government brought in new restrictions."

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Andrew Bentley said it was a "crazy" situation

Storyhouse said capacity had been reduced to "comfortably fit" all the cars on the English side of the border.

Bizarrely the Welsh border also runs down the centre of the club's pitch which could have caused problems for Chester FC's players who will play their first game after the Welsh "firebreak" lockdown starts.

But the ultimate offside trap has been avoided, according to club spokesman Albert Davies.

He said: "We are actually classed as elite sport, so the rules do not apply.

"We've played some great stuff recently and it has been elite football."

The National League North team are in action in the FA Cup fourth preliminary round on Saturday against Marine who are based in... Waterloo.

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The toilets are in the Welsh part of the stadium

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