CBB's Jeremy McConnell assaulted his ex Stephanie Davis

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Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell began a relationship after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother

Reality TV star Jeremy McConnell has been found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis.

McConnell, 27, attacked Miss Davis at her home in Rainhill, Merseyside while she was holding their baby son, Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard.

Former Hollyoaks star Miss Davis told the trial she thought that "psychotic" McConnell was "going to kill" her after taking cocaine.

The pair began a relationship after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

'He's destroyed my life'

They rowed during the hearing and at one point Judge Wendy Lloyd ordered a break in proceedings when McConnell began laughing in the dock after Miss Davis broke down in tears.

The actress said: "He's completely destroyed my life, it's been the worst 18 months."

The court heard the attack happened on 10 March after the couple went out for a meal with friends in Liverpool the night before to celebrate her birthday.

Miss Davis said McConnell went on to a local pub with two of the friends.

When he returned he was "out of it" and had been taking cocaine, the court heard.

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Jeremy McConnell leaving the Celebrity Big Brother House

"He said that I was fat, he said that no one was going to want to touch me again," she told the court.

She added that McConnell had grabbed her by the face while holding her son Caben-Albi. He then took her phone as she tried to call for help before pushing her and biting the inside of her arm.

"Like a horror film"

Miss Davis said McConnell left but later returned and began kicking the doors in an attempt to get in.

She said: "I heard him go over the gate, it was literally like a horror film.

"I just thought, 'this is it, he's going to kill me'."

She said she let him in after fearing he would smash the glass patio doors and he followed her upstairs and threw her on to the bed.

Miss Davis said he punched her to the side of the head and pushed her against the wall after accusing her of having affairs.

Miss Davis said McConnell was "psychotic". He then left the house again but returned, this time snapping handles off the patio doors to get in.

Cocaine habit 'cost £180k'

The actress denied making a complaint to police, three days after the attack, in a bid to prevent McConnell appearing on TV show Ex On The Beach.

When asked about why she had retracted her statement in May, Miss Davis said: "That was Jeremy getting me to retract my statement, he also threatened to throw acid in my face."

She said the couple used to argue about his drug use, claiming he spent £180,000 on cocaine last year.

McConnell told the court Miss Davis attacked him after learning he had taken cocaine.

He said he pushed her away in self-defence and claimed injuries shown in photos were "self-inflicted".

James Morris, defending, said: "She is aggrieved that he actually ended their relationship some six weeks ago."

McConnell, of Swords, Dublin, pleaded guilty to criminal damage of Miss Davis's property at an earlier hearing.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday.

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