Election 2017

Election results 2017: Labour gains Weaver Vale, Warrington South and Crewe and Nantwich

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Media captionLabour's Mike Amesbury received 26,066 votes in Weaver Vale

It has been a successful night for Labour in Cheshire.

The party gained its target seats Weaver Vale, Warrington South and Crewe and Nantwich from the Conservatives.

Labour also increased its majority from 93 to 9,176 in marginal constituency Chester.

Labour's Mike Amesbury received 26,066 votes in Weaver Vale, a swing of 4.7% from the Conservatives while in Warrington South, Faisal Rashid won 29,994 votes - a swing of 4.4%.

Meanwhile, Esther McVey held the Tatton seat for the Conservatives.

Labour's Laura Smith said she "can't wait" to become "Crewe and Nantwich's voice in Westminster" after she won the seat with a majority of 48 votes from Conservative MP Edward Timpson.

"It's really emotional," she said. "I'm an ordinary mum from Crewe, I'm a teacher and I'm fighting for the schools, for the health service".

Image caption There were big celebrations from Laura Smith - the new Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich after taking the seat from the Conservatives

The turnout in Weaver Vale was 73.3%.

Conservative candidate Graham Evans came second there with 22,138 votes. Paul Roberts came third with 1,623 votes.

Mr Amesbury won with a majority of 3,928 and said he was "humbled" by the result.

He said Labour's manifesto offered "hope... inspiration and opportunity" in contrast to "austerity and fear" from the Conservatives.

Image caption Labour's Faisal Rashid and Helen Jones celebrate Labour wins in Warrington

In Warrington South, Mr Rashid has a majority of 2,549. Conservative candidate David Mowat came second, polling 27,445.

Liberal Democrat candidate Bob Barr came in third, receiving 3,339 votes.

There was a turnout of 72.4%.

Mr Rashid, who was the mayor for Warrington, said he was "over the moon".

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Media captionLabour's Faisal Rashid wins Warrington South

"We used to have this seat for 18 years and we have won it back," he said.

He said his priorities as MP will be education, housing and hospitals.

Labour also held Warrington North as Helen Jones increased her majority by almost 9%, gaining 56.4% of the vote.

Labour's Chris Matheson increased his majority in Chester by more than 9,000, gaining 32,023 votes. He was defending a majority of 93.

Image caption Chris Matheson increased his majority for Labour from 93 to 9,176

Considered a marginal seat, Chester was the number one target for the Conservatives in the UK.

He said he was "delighted with the size of the majority" and that his party leader has proved many people - including him - wrong.

"There's no doubt Jeremy has energised people and brought people into the political system that felt disaffected and disconnected", he said.

Tory candidate Will Gallagher came second, polling 22,847. There was a turnout of 77.4%.

Image caption Esther McVey kept the same share of the vote as predecessor George Osborne had, while Labour's share grew by 10%

Former employment minister Esther McVey, who lost her Wirral West constituency in the 2015 General Election, secured 59% of the vote.

The seat was previously held by former Chancellor George Osborne, who resigned to become editor of the Evening Standard in London.

Elsewhere, Labour held Ellesmere Port and Neston and Halton and the Conservatives retained Macclesfield.

In total, five seats changed hands across the North West of England.

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