WW2 D-Day paradummy 'Rupert' sells for £2,500

Image caption The dummy was found in the loft of a former solider

A sand-filled paradummy which was created to deceive Nazi forces on D-Day has sold for £2,500 at auction.

Nicknamed Ruperts, hundreds were dropped by Allied forces away from the actual Normandy invasion site on 6 June 1944 to try and divert German troops.

They were designed to burst into flames on landing to avoid detection.

The hessian cloth dummy was found in the loft of a former soldier's house on Merseyside and bought by the House on the Hill Museum in Stansted, Essex.

Museum spokesman Jeremy Goldsmith said the dummy "cost slightly more" than its estimate of £1,000, but "with a rarity, you've got to [spend more]".

A spokeswoman for Adam Partridge Auctioneers in Liverpool said the anonymous seller "was sad to see it go, but knows it is an iconic piece of history and it will be appreciated".

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