Speke man jailed for pouring boiling water on girlfriend's dog

Daisy Image copyright Rspca
Image caption Daisy was treated by the RSPCA and is now fit and well

A man who poured boiling water on his girlfriend's dog and broke several of the pet's bones has been jailed.

Mark Simon Sharp, 34 and from Speke in Liverpool, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the King Charles spaniel.

Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard Daisy had extensive blistering, a broken pelvis and nine fractured ribs.

Her owner was unaware of the abuse, the RSPCA said, as Sharp was jailed for 16 weeks and given a 15-year ban on keeping animals.

She took three-year-old Daisy to the vets with various injuries which she thought were caused by accidents.

In January, she had severe burns - caused by boiling water - all over her back and head.

Image copyright liverpool echo
Image caption Sharp subjected three-year-old King Charles spaniel Daisy to prolonged abuse

Sharp told the court: "I still don't believe in my heart I could hurt anybody or anything. I'm just not that kind of person."

He said he was depressed at the time and is still being treated for mental illness.

District Judge Wendy Lloyd said she accepted he had problems but the dog's injuries were numerous and severe.

RSPCA inspector Claire Fisher said she was "appalled" by the prolonged abuse Daisy had suffered.

"Her owner, who is no longer with Sharp, was absolutely horrified when she learnt of the full extent of the horrors inflicted on her beloved dog," said Ms Fisher.

"Since Daisy was subjected to this vile behaviour, it is a miracle she is still so trusting of people.

"People can rest assured that Daisy remains in the most loving home and has always had every need, and more, met by her owner."

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