Stephen O'Malley: 'Choke' death diver case to be reviewed

The death of a diver, who a UK coroner said was choked by his kit, is to receive fresh scrutiny from the Danish government, an MP has revealed.

Danish authorities had said an undiagnosed heart condition caused the death of Stephen O'Malley, 48, from Liverpool, in May 2012.

But Liverpool MP Louise Ellman said the State's Attorney in Denmark is revisiting the case after UK pressure.

Last year a pathologist questioned the cause of death in a UK inquest.

Mrs Ellman said the Danish decision could mean the case is reopened adding, "It certainly means there is a new look at it."

The MP, who is pursuing the case on behalf of her constituent Mr O'Malley's partner, added: "I feel deeply disturbed by the circumstances of Stephen's death."

'Fanciful' diagnosis

Liverpool Coroner Andre Rebello said at an inquest in September the Danish post-mortem conclusion that Mr O'Malley probably died as a result of an undiagnosed heart condition was "fanciful in the extreme".

Mr Rebello said the neck ring, which is worn to keep water out, was too tight making it hard for Mr O'Malley to breathe.

Mrs Ellman told a Commons adjournment debate in November Mr O'Malley was servicing wind farm turbines in the North Sea on the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm in German waters, on a routine dive from the Blue Capella vessel.

She said he first complained the ring was choking him two minutes into his dive but a rescue only began seven minutes later which was hampered by Mr O'Malley getting entangled in an umbilical cable.

Derek Marsh, from the Divers Association, welcomed the move saying: "There are a lot of issues around this case which was never investigated properly in the first place."

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