'Do-not-buy-Sun' Tesco cashier keeps job

image captionMany people in Liverpool boycotted The Sun following the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy

A cashier at a Tesco store in Liverpool has kept her job despite telling a customer not to buy The Sun because of its Hillsborough coverage.

But the firm refused to say whether it took disciplinary action against the employee at the Allerton Road store.

Tesco said it understood many Merseyside people had strong feelings about the paper.

But the company added: "We are here to serve our customers and to ensure they can buy the products they want."

Liverpool's Labour Mayor Joe Anderson tweeted his support for the store worker.

"Girl on till in Allerton Tesco, needs to be talked to not disciplined. She speaks for me and most people in this city, don't sell it."

He added: "Why anyone in this city would want to read the Sun is shocking really, especially with the Independent Inquiry findings."

Many people in Liverpool boycotted the newspaper after a front page article headlined The Truth, which alleged Liverpool fans had picked the pockets of those who died in the 1989 tragedy and had urinated on dead supporters.

But the Hillsborough Independent Inquiry report, which was published in September 2012, confirmed there was no evidence to support the allegations in the paper.

Former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie claimed senior officers with South Yorkshire Police were the source for the story.

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