'Alien' fish removed from Wirral fishery

An "alien" species of fish is being removed from a Wirral fishery as it is threatening salmon and trout.

Topmouth Gudgeon have been found at Larton Livery Fishery in Frankby.

The Environment Agency said the fish increase the risk of diseases for native fish and are known to eat their eggs and larvae.

Its specialist teams are at the fishery in Frankby where they will remove the salmon and trout and treat the gudgeon with a piscicide (poison).

The native fish will then be returned to the water.

Steve Powell, Strategic Fisheries Specialist, said: "We have taken swift action to remove the Topmouth Gudgeon at Larton Livery, as they pose a risk to the health and quantity of native fish stocks such as salmon and trout."

The Environment Agency said the native fish would be stored at its depot in Winsford while the work was carried out.

Topmouth Gudgeon is a small Asiatic member of the carp family which appeared in mainland Europe in the 1960s.

The species matures at one year old and can breed up to four times a year.

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