Liverpool councillors rubber stamp £30m cuts

A package of cuts worth £30m have been unanimously approved by councillors in Liverpool.

The cuts make up more than half of the £50m worth of savings which need to be found from next year's budget.

They were agreed by senior councillors last month and were rubber-stamped at a full council meeting at Liverpool Town Hall on Monday night.

The council has warned the remaining £20m will involve making other "painful decisions".

In addition to the £50m of savings, the council estimates it will need to find a further £18.5m in 2013-14 and £33.3m in 2014-15.

That means total savings of almost £102m over the next three years, on top of the £91m that had to be found in 2011-12.

The council has previously said it could not rule out raising council tax next year, despite the government offering money to authorities who freeze it.

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