Southport Shakespeare pub in sign protest over film

Image caption The Shakespeare pub in Southport has covered its sign in protest at a new film

A pub in Sefton has covered up its sign in protest against a new film which questions whether William Shakespeare wrote his own plays.

The Shakespeare, in Southport, was covered with a black cloth by manager Suzy Walker to highlight a "world without Shakespeare".

She said: "You can't just wipe Shakespeare off the slate."

The protest coincides with the premiere of the controversial film Anonymous at the London Film Festival.

Ms Walker said: "Some people are saying it was the Earl of Oxford, some people are saying it was his actors, but we know it was William Shakespeare. A real man who wrote great stories.

"We've covered up our sign today to show everybody what a world without Shakespeare would be like.

"He contributed so much to our everyday life with words and phrases.

"A world without Shakespeare would be a very bad world."

The pub, in Scarisbrick New Road, is run by local actors and features a theatre and music venue inside.

They recently staged a performance of the Shakespeare's Richard III and are acting scenes from the play as part of their protest.

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