Chemical spill at freight depot in Haydock


Four men have been taken to hospital after a chemical spill at a freight depot on Merseyside.

The emergency services were called to Rhys Davies Freight in Wilcock Road, Haydock at about 2120 GMT on Monday.

More than 30 firefighters, including a specialist hazardous materials team, dealt with the spillage of 400 litres (105.7 gallons) of a highly flammable chemical.

The casualties were treated after inhaling fumes.

Ruptured drums

Chemicals leaked into the site after two drums of ethoxypropionate were ruptured by a fork lift truck, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said.

The chemical, was contained on site by firefighters, who covered the affected area with foam to ensure the site was safe.

They stayed at the scene until a private cleaning firm removed the chemical from the drainage system.

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