Manchester Arena Inquiry: Courtney Boyle 'wanted to be criminal psychologist'

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'She had a beautiful heart and always put others first'

The mother of 19-year-old Courtney Boyle, from Gateshead, has told the Manchester Arena Inquiry of the last time she waved goodbye to her daughter.

Reading the "pen portrait" of Courtney to the inquiry, Deborah Hutchinson said: "I can still see my daughter's smile as she left the car that night."

Ms Hutchinson spoke to the inquiry as part of a series of hearings at which relatives of the 22 people killed in the 2017 bombing will provide a personal insight into the lives of their loved ones. and how their lives were changed forever.

The criminology and psychology student from Leeds Beckett University had decided to go with her family to Manchester for the day on 22 May 2017.

Her sister went to the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena - but Courtney and her stepfather were killed as they went to pick up her younger sibling.

Ms Hutchinson said: "We arrived in Manchester had lunch, and did holiday shopping as Courtney and Callum [her boyfriend] had just booked their first holiday in August to Amsterdam and she was so excited.

Courtney kept an eye on her sister, who had saved up all her birthday pocket money for a VIP ticket, while she queued for the gig.

"Courtney told her, 'ring me when you need me'. Courtney loved her so much."

She added: "Courtney kept in touch with [her] throughout the concert via text. I will never forget the laughing in the car as Courtney left to go into the foyer.

"She was complaining she was cold and all wrapped up in a blanket which was nothing unusual for Courtney - even when the weather was hot she was always wrapped up for winter."

Courtney wanted to work in the prison service as a criminal psychologist and had just taken her first exam, Ms Hutchinson told the inquiry.

She said: "Knowing that her life has been cruelly taken from her, she had a beautiful heart and always put others first.

'Passionate free spirit'

"She had become a gorgeous woman with a caring nature to match."

Ms Hutchinson added: "I would give the world to see my daughter and best friend again.

"To hear her voice and look in her beautiful brown eyes I know that as time goes by her memory will never fade and she will always remain beautiful."

Courtney's sister added: "Growing up with Courtney was like growing up with a best friend.

"She guided all three of us, me, herself and my mam through darker times, shining a light on these situations, ensuring we kept a smile on our face."

Her boyfriend, Callum Maundrill, said: "Seeing her blossom gently into the confident, passionate free spirit she was, still to this day brings me joy because I was so lucky to bump into her.

"Her passing has been such a deep and crushing loss to me and not just me, of course."

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