Coronavirus: Lockdown couple reunited for golden wedding

Susan and John Moore
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Susan and John Moore feared they would not be able to celebrate their golden wedding together

A couple who were separated 6,000 miles (10,600km) by the coronavirus lockdown have got back together in time to celebrate their golden wedding.

Two weeks ago Susan Moore, from Cheadle, Cheshire, was stranded at Manila Airport with her sister trying desperately to get a flight home.

Mrs Moore, who spent four days at the airport, arrived home last week.

Husband John said he was "so relieved" said he had been at the airport "waiting to give her a big squeeze".

"Today [Saturday] is also my birthday I just can't believe it I am so happy," he added.

Mr Moore said he was devastated when the Phillipines Government closed the airports and his wife was told to leave quickly when her hotel closed.

"You just had to keep calm," said Mrs Moore.

She said she was with family members but still had to spend four days at Manila Airport not knowing if there would be a flight home.

"We are celebrating with a nice breakfast and maybe a glass of champagne," she said.

Mr Moore, who has promised to cook later, added: "This has been a strange year - she has never flown that far away and I don't intent to let her do it again."