Mocking carers threw stones at Salford dementia patients

Amy Greenhalgh and Abana Arshad Image copyright Cavendish Press
Image caption Amy Greenhalgh and Abana Arshad were each jailed for 20 weeks

Two care workers who mocked dementia sufferers and threw stones at them during a spate of ''happy slap'' attacks have been jailed.

Abana Arshad and Amy Greenhalgh, both 24, were convicted at Manchester Magistrates' Court of ill-treating a person without mental capacity.

Arshad, from Manchester, and Greenhalgh of Salford were jailed for 20 weeks.

District Judge James Hatton told the pair they "bullied" people who were unable to defend themselves.

The court heard several of their victims have died since the attacks on 15 July 2018 at Laburnum Court care home in Salford.

'Truly let down'

Up to seven elderly residents with dementia or Alzheimer's were targeted by the pair, who hurled gravel at victims who begged them to stop.

The attackers laughed as they filmed the distressed reactions on mobile phones.

Student nurse Arshad and Greenhalgh, whose mother is a nurse, were caught when one was seen loading her pockets with gravel from the driveway.

Police found videos mocking the victims on their social media accounts.

In a statement Craig Gardner, whose 67-year old father Jack was one of the victims, said his dad had been "truly let down".

District Judge Hatton said the victims should have been treated with "dignity" and "respect" but were used by the pair "for their own amusement".

Sonia Morris, 37, whose mother Zena was one of the victims said: ''There has been no remorse, no apology. In fact Amy needed it explaining about effect their behaviour has had on the family."

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