Manchester police 'illegally stopped me' claims music producer

A police officer leans into a carImage source, Outlaw
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Outlaw said police "pulled" him and his passenger out of the car

A music producer who was dragged from his car by armed officers while making a music video has claimed police were "not acting within the law".

Outlaw and his passenger were arrested following reports of two men in balaclavas acting suspiciously in a black Range Rover in Manchester.

The pair were searched and handcuffed but later released without charge.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the men "failed to provide a reasonable explanation for their behaviour".

Armed police swooped just after 14:30 GMT on 30 October after police received a report of suspicious activity on Chapel Street in Salford.

A search of the car found a replica police uniform and replica police equipment but police later concluded the incident was not terrorism-related.

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Armed police closed Deansgate in Manchester city centre for 12 hours and made two arrests

Outlaw said: "We didn't see them coming up from behind us [and] had to slam on the brakes as they cut us off.

"They reached in, opened the door, pulled us out of the car, put us on the floor [and] searched us.

"My feet didn't touch the floor - they handcuffed us [but] no officer had explained who they were or what we were being detained for," he said.

Image source, Outlaw
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Outlaw was filming a video in his Range Rover when he was stopped

He said he was not sure why they had been targeted and said police had "messed up" as "we kept telling them that we were shooting a music video".

"The only thing I can think is that it was because of the wires in the back and the [police uniform] costumes, but they were just wires for the cameras," he said.

He said he had no issue with the police in general and had even been given a lift home by other officers after being released.

'Bomb disposal officers'

"The police are generally really good, especially on terrorism, but on this occasion, there was no terrorism and they fell short.

"We understand why they would have wanted to stop us for a conversation, but they were not acting within the law," he said.

A GMP spokesman said the men, who are both white, had a replica police uniform, baton, utility belt and other items in their car, some of which required assessment by bomb disposal officers.

He added that police were treating the incident as "irresponsible behaviour".

In response to Outlaw's claims, GMP said it had "previously released a comprehensive statement in relation to this incident".

"We are now considering the evidence gathered and whether a prosecution will now take place for non-terrorism related offences."

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