Wigan man taken to hospital after e-cigarette explodes in trousers

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The fire service recommends always using only manufacturer-approved chargers for e-cigarettes

A man was taken to hospital with burns to his legs and hands after an e-cigarette exploded in his trouser pocket as he sat at home with his family.

The man, from Shevington near Wigan, suffered further injuries as he attempted to throw the cigarette's smouldering battery into the garden.

Three fire crews attended the home in Dixon Drive at 18:45 BST on Wednesday.

The ambulance service was called and the man was taken to Whiston Hospital.

Greater Manchester Fire Service said the victim was left "in some pain and distress" after the incident.

"Firefighters also comforted distressed family members, including a young girl of around five years of age who had witnessed the incident," a spokesman said.

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The fire service said the battery, which was safely retrieved, left a burn mark roughly the size of a beer mat on the carpet of the home.

Watch Manager Glyn McGann said: "Every year 200 people die and 2,000 people are injured across Britain in fires that start in living rooms.

"With this incident in mind, never put a battery in your pocket and make sure when storing them to do so safely."

The fire service recommends using only manufacturer-approved chargers for e-cigarettes, and avoiding storing them at high or low temperatures.

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