Ewe 'sheepish' after RSPCA tree trunk rescue

Image source, RSPCA
Image caption,
The stricken ewe was rescued by RSPCA officers after getting stuck in the tree

A ewe was left feeling "a little sheepish" after it rammed its head into a tree trunk and got stuck.

RSPCA officers flocked to a field in Hawkshaw, near Bury, on Monday after two girls found the stricken animal "in a bit of a tight spot".

A spokeswoman for the charity said they managed to calm the "rather silly sheep" before freeing it unharmed.

Animal collection officer Kim Sheriff said she was "left scratching my head" at the sheer oddness of the incident.

"I was left wondering why on earth this ewe put her head inside the tree trunk in the first place," she said.

"Thankfully, I was able to calm her down and manoeuvre her, so I could gently free her from the tree.

"She wasn't injured and, unsurprisingly, seemed to be feeling a little sheepish."

Image source, RSPCA
Image caption,
The ewe's head was wedged into a small hole in the tree trunk

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