Manchester nurse struck off over stuck sex toy op video

Sanjeev Varghese Image copyright Agency photograph
Image caption Mr Varghese denied finding the the video "hilarious"

A nurse who laughed as he showed colleagues a "revolting" video of a woman having a sex toy removed has been struck off.

Sanjeev Varghese, 44, admitted showing the footage on WhatsApp to fellow workers at Manchester Royal Infirmary while on a shift in October 2014.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) found him guilty of misconduct in November, but a decision to strike him off was suspended pending an appeal.

A High Court judge ruled it was right.

Finding was 'inevitable'

The court heard Mr Varghese, a nurse of 20 years, was working in the endoscopy unit of the hospital when he showed the video to colleagues.

During the NMC hearing, a panel heard the footage "appeared to be in a clinical setting, showing a female kneeling on a trolley and having a sex toy removed from her anus".

Mr Varghese denied he had found the video "hilarious" and claimed he had shown it in a "professional... not a sinister way" before deleting it and blocking the friend who had sent it to him.

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Image caption Mr Varghese denied he found the video "hilarious"

Mr Justice Mostyn found the NMC hearing was conducted with "scrupulous fairness" and the evidence examined with "exhaustive thoroughness".

A finding of impairment due to misconduct was, he said, "inevitable".

During the NMC hearing, one colleague said she was traumatised by what she had seen, while another said she had "retched" after seeing the footage.

At the High Court, Mr Varghese said his accusers had held a "personal grudge" against him and should not have been believed.

But Mr Justice Mostyn rejected his arguments and said his decision to accuse those who complained against him of perjury had made matters even worse for him.

He was ordered to pay the NWC's £4,000 legal costs.

Earlier Mr Varghese said he was "extremely sorry for what happened but there was no bad intention".

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