Stockport bus driver passes cash find to Children in Need

Dave Kilroy and his granddaughter Eve visit BBC Radio Manchester's studios
Image caption Dave Kilroy and his granddaughter Eve spent Tuesday morning at BBC Radio Manchester

A bus driver who found a wallet stuffed with £600 donated the cash to charity when it became his after a year.

Dave Kilroy saw the wallet in the middle of a street in Stockport town centre and handed it to police.

Nobody came forward and after a year police said the unclaimed wallet was his, and Dave said: "I thought to myself 'what can I do with the money?'"

He donated £525 to Children in Need in November 2016 for a look round BBC Radio Manchester on Tuesday morning.

'Money was mine'

Mr Kilroy, from Stockport, was given a behind the scenes tour of the breakfast show with his granddaughter Eve following a day-long auction to raise money for the BBC charity.

He said: "I found a wallet lying in the street and handed it into police and a year after that police got in touch with me to say the money was mine.

"There was a library card in there but nobody came forward."

"I thought it'd be great to see the programme going out - I really enjoyed it," added Dave, who ferries children around Cheshire and Greater Manchester as a school bus driver.

As of October 2016, there were 254 projects worth £13.1m being supported by BBC Children in Need across the North West of England.