Kitty the cat has operation after swallowing Kitty toy

Kitty the cat Image copyright Steve Rawlins
Image caption Kitty the ginger tabby swallowed a plastic figure from the Kitty in My Pocket children's toy range

A cat called Kitty underwent life-saving surgery after swallowing a toy cat - also named Kitty.

The ginger tabby's worried owners took her to the vets after she gulped down the plastic figure from the Kitty in My Pocket children's toy range.

An X-ray revealed the toy had become lodged in the pet's abdomen and threatened to perforate her intestine.

But following a successful operation at Manchester Vet Centre, Kitty is now home and recovering well.

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Media captionKitty the cat had to have an operation after swallowing the toy

Owner Paul Grice, 38, of Denton, Tameside, said: "We were really upset as we'd had Kitty from a little kitten. You get yourself worked up and it's totally out of your hands.

"We had absolutely no idea that she'd swallowed anything and only found out as a result of the X-ray. What are the chances of a cat called Kitty swallowing a cat called Kitty?"

Image copyright Steve Rawlins
Image caption Vet Ann Mee said it is more common for dogs to run into trouble after swallowing items

Vet Ann Mee said: "Kitty was very poorly, she was dehydrated and lethargic.

"Sometimes, when we have a foreign body present, we can milk them through to the large intestines to allow the animal to pass it naturally.

"But this was a hard plastic toy with a prominent tail and ears which had got caught in the intestinal wall. Any attempt to move it down would have ruptured the intestinal wall itself."

Paul's wife Michelle, 36, said: "Kitty is glued to my little girl. If we'd lost her it doesn't bear thinking about. We're just thrilled to have her home."

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