Restored Cold War Vulcan bomber goes on display

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Image caption The Avro Vulcan XM603 was one of 136 Vulcan bombers

A British bomber plane used during the Cold War has gone on display after its restoration.

Built in 1963, the Avro Vulcan XM603 was one of 136 Vulcan bombers.

All of the planes, which were made at the Woodford airfield in Stockport, Greater Manchester, were retired after the Falklands War between Argentina and the UK in 1982.

The Avro Heritage Museum said the restoration was its "largest renovation project" since its opening in 2015.

Making its maiden flight for the Royal Air Force in 1952, the Vulcan bombers caused a stir every time they flew due to their unique shape and earth-shaking roar.

In 2015, the last airworthy version toured the UK with a series of flypasts to mark its final year of flight.

What was the Cold War?

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Image caption The collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 happened towards the end of the Cold War
  • A rivalry that developed after World War II between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies
  • The term was first used by the English writer George Orwell to refer to a nuclear stalemate between "two or three monstrous super-states"
  • The US and Soviet Union avoided direct military confrontation in Europe but engaged in actual combat operations to keep allies from defecting to the other side or to overthrow them after they had done so
  • The Cold War came to an end in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union into 15 newly independent nations

Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica

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