Manchester City Council considers 'litter awareness' courses

Litter on street
Image caption The council said it was looking at a range of options to change people's attitudes to littering

People who drop litter in Manchester could be offered a "litter awareness course" instead of paying a fine.

The city council said it had already introduced a team to crack down on litterbugs in the city centre and was considering further measures.

Anyone caught dropping rubbish currently must pay an on-the-spot penalty of £80.

The course alternative would be similar to a speed awareness course offered to motorists, the council said.

'Not acceptable'

Councillor Nigel Murphy, executive member for neighbourhoods, said: "We have already introduced a special team to crack down on litter in the city centre to send out a clear message that dropping litter is not acceptable in Manchester.

"Following this, we're looking into ideas which could have a long-term impact on people's attitudes and behaviour.

"This includes offering those spotted dropping items, such as crisp packets, cigarettes, or sandwich wrappers, special 'litter awareness courses' - similar to speed awareness courses offered to motorists - to make them understand why they shouldn't drop litter. "

Penalties for people who drop litter could reach as much as £150 under plans set out this month by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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