Family jailed for trafficking Hungarian women for prostitution

Ferenc Dardai, Ferenc Dardai Jr, Melania Kiraly and Daniel Dardai Image copyright GMP
Image caption (L-r) Ferenc Dardai Sr, Ferenc Dardai Jr, Melania Kiraly and Daniel Dardai all admitted sex trafficking

A family who trafficked and enslaved two Hungarian women to force them into prostitution have been jailed.

Police rescued the women, aged 30 and 21, from a home in Spa Road, Bolton, Greater Manchester on 26 March.

Daniel Dardai, 19, Ferenc Dardai, 42, Ferenc Dardai Jr, 22, and Melania Kiraly, 42, were jailed for between three and six years.

They could be subject to the first slavery and trafficking prevention orders at a hearing next month.

The family members, all of Spa Road, pleaded guilty at Bolton Crown Court to sex trafficking offences.

Ferenc Dardai Jr was jailed for six years, with his brother Daniel jailed for three.

Ferenc Dardai Sr was jailed for four years. His wife Kiraly was jailed for four years and four months.

'Like a slave'

Judge Peter Davies, passing sentence, described the victims' ordeal, which lasted for more than six months, as a life "characterised by fear".

One woman, who had travelled to the UK from Hungary a year before, said she had been "treated like a slave" whilst living with the Dardai family.

She was forced to eat with separate cutlery "so they would not catch any infection" and was only given bread, butter and salami to eat.

Image caption Police found the two Hungarian women at the home in Spa Road, Bolton, in March

The court heard that elder son Ferenc Dardai had been the "prime-mover" and had beaten the women whilst collecting the £150 they made each day.

His father, mother and brother all carried out varying roles within the operation, with Dardai Snr driving the women to different towns and cities to meet clients.

The women had been forced to see up to five clients a day and worked "whenever the phone rang", the court heard.

'Left to starve'

The court heard Dardai Jr set up profiles of the women on adult websites with their photos and numbers, and when clients called, he and his father would tell the women what to say.

One of the victims said Dardai Jr had on occasions strangled her for "not smiling enough for clients" and had fainted after one beating. She was also beaten by Kiraly, the hearing heard.

Mark Monaghan, prosecuting, said the victim was refused medical help and lost 3.5 stone (22kg) in weight.

He said: "The victims were coerced into prostitution, there was violence and threats of violence. The defendants all have important roles within the family business."

Det Insp Neil Blackwood, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "The treatment these poor women suffered at the hands of these offenders is nothing short of barbaric.

"One victim was often severely beaten, subjected to physical, sexual and psychological torment and was frequently left to starve as the family went out and spent the money they had received for selling her body to strangers."

He added: "These women were a commodity to these offenders; they served no other purpose than to earn money to fund a lifestyle of drugs and gambling."

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