Tram delays Manchester's New Year fireworks

image captionThe traditional display was delayed for four minutes by the tram

Council officials were forced to delay Manchester's New Year fireworks after a tram pulled into a safety area on the stroke of midnight.

About 15,000 people had gathered in Piccadilly Gardens for the traditional midnight countdown.

But they were left waiting for four minutes as the tram was in the firework fallout zone, meaning it was unsafe to begin the display until it had moved.

Councillor Pat Karney said the delay was "excruciating".

He said they would have postponed the display for even longer if it was in the interests of people's safety.

However, he added: "Trams are driven by human beings and human beings make mistakes."

The incident was reported widely on social media by people attending the event.

Daniel Delaney posted on Twitter: "New years fireworks in Manchester were delayed by a tram.... You couldn't make it up people."

Natalie Mallalieu wrote: "Only in Manchester would you need to do three countdowns coz the tram was in the way of the fireworks. Happy New Year everyone!!"

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