Puppy driven 12 miles in car engine in Salford

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Media captionThe dog survived a 12-mile journey in the engine of a car, as Suzanne Hailey reports

A three-month-old puppy took an unexpected 12-mile journey when it got trapped in the engine of a car.

The Jack Russell, called Betty Boop, travelled round Salford in a car driven by its owner's neighbour.

Betty was taken along the East Lancashire Road to Swinton and back, travelling up to 50mph but was discovered unscathed in the car.

"We think she spent the journey on the gearbox. She is so lucky to still be alive," said Betty's owner Gary Rose.

He added: "If she had put her head a bit further in, she would have got caught by the fan, or the fan belt, the camshaft."

Mr Rose, of James Henry Avenue, Salford said: "The neighbour was coming down the street and he could hear the dog yapping and wondered where it was coming from.

"The first thing he did was open the bonnet and there she was."

Mr Rose, who describes his pet as inquisitive and mischievous, said: "The golden rule in this house is shut the gate, shut the gate, shut the gate."

The dog was unhurt in the incident.

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