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Nick Bonnie 'drug death' at Warehouse nightclub 'a stupid mistake'

image captionNick Bonnie's mistake changed his family's lives forever, they said

The parents of a man who died after collapsing in a nightclub have said "one stupid mistake" cost his life.

Nick Bonnie, 30, of Stroud, Gloucestershire, collapsed at The Warehouse Project in Greater Manchester early on Saturday.

Police are investigating whether a "bad batch of drugs", thought to be ecstasy, caused his death and left five other people needing hospital treatment.

His family said they want his death to send a message on the dangers of drugs.

Mr Bonnie, who lived in Bristol, worked for the Princes Trust and his mother works for Stroud drug support charity The Nelson's Trust.

'Devastated lives'

In a statement his parents Pauline and Andy said: "Nick Bonnie lost his life tragically, senselessly and needlessly in a nightclub in Manchester on a 'lads' weekend. This has devastated the lives of [his family and friends].

"Everyone who knew Nick was aware he loved life, lived it to the max and in making one stupid mistake he has cost himself his life.

"We hope that after reading this, we may have gone some way in helping anyone/everyone in the realisation that drinking and use of any illicit drugs are a killer with consequences that will devastate lives for ever."

A 25-year-old man remains critically ill after it is thought he swallowed "a quantity of drugs" at the same nightclub in Trafford the night after Mr Bonnie's death.

He had been arrested by police on Saturday evening after security staff suspected him of dealing drugs.

Police confirmed a number of other people received treatment on Saturday night after taking drugs at the venue, from both on-site medics and in local hospitals.

In a statement released at the weekend, the Warehouse Project said the venue "operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to drugs however if you have taken something and start to feel unwell please tell a member of staff".

Police warned revellers not to "risk their lives by taking drugs supplied by people who have no regard whatsoever for their wellbeing".

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