Dig The City urban gardening festival in Manchester

image captionA dress made entirely of flowers is the centrepiece of this year's Dig The City urban gardening festival, which is being held across Manchester. The dress took local florist Lisa Dickinson a week to create.
image captionUS artist Jason Hackenwerth, known for his outsized latex sculptures, has created moving art installation Dance of the Honey Bee especially for the festival. The insect appears on Manchester's coat of arms.
image captionFestival-goers can get inspiration from artists who have designed gardens for smaller spaces such as balconies.
image captionDesigners have created small-scale gardens for urban spaces to show at the event, which runs until 11 August. This Island Hopping design aims to be low-maintenance.
image captionArtist-turned-landscape gardener Johanna Wood demonstrates how to turn a small roof terrace into an oasis using recycled materials. For example, rusted mesh becomes a garden trellis to hold plants vertically.
image captionFriends of the Earth created a Bee Cause to highlight the plight of bees threatened by a loss of habitat and to show gardeners how to make their planting bee-friendly.

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