Policeman assaulted after tram smoking argument in Altrincham


A police officer was assaulted on a Greater Manchester tram after confronting a man about smoking.

Police said the off duty officer was with friends on the tram at Altrincham station at 01:00 GMT on Saturday.

The 45-year-old informed a man smoking at the tram doors on the platform that smoking was not permitted there.

After the man became verbally abusive, he identified himself as a police officer. He was knocked to the floor by a second man in a group of about six.

Police said during the resulting melee, the officer suffered cuts and bruises and a 48-year-old friend suffered two black eyes.

Det Con Lee Attenborough said: "The victim took exception to the offenders loutish behaviour and when he challenged them was met with a barrage of abuse.

"This continued when he identified himself as a police officer and even led to him and his friend being assaulted."

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