Builder fights off four armed intruders at Salford home

A builder from Salford has managed to fight off a gang of armed men who were holding his wife at knifepoint.

Zac Nabi, 41, said four masked intruders burst into the family home on Murray Street, grabbing his wife while he was upstairs.

Mr Nabi launched himself down the stairs and on to the man holding her, while his young daughter sat screaming.

Police said he showed "incredible bravery and strength" in the incident on Tuesday.

Thai boxing

"I don't know what came over me", said Mr Nabi.

"I kicked him, punched him, punched the other one and started screaming 'get out of my house'.

"I then noticed there were two other men in the lounge and my seven-year-old daughter was in there on the sofa.

"First they tried to confront me, but I think I overpowered them and started throwing them out of the house, basically."

Police said as the men left the home empty-handed, Mr Nabi chased them down the street and kicked one man to the floor.

Mr Nabi said he used to do a bit of karate and Thai boxing 20 years ago, but "nothing major".

PC Mark Rigby, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said: "This man showed both incredible bravery and strength to fight off four men who had invaded the sanctity of his home.

"GMP would always advise people confronted by such violence not to put themselves in harm's way as possessions can be replaced - people cannot.

"However, I believe this man deserves special praise for the courage he showed in protecting his wife and young daughter."

Officers are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

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