'Father and son' con blind Manchester woman

Burglars claiming they were father and son tricked their way into a blind pensioner's Manchester home and stole her handbag, police have said.

The boy, said to be about 10, knocked on the door of the 88-year-old's home in Woodhouse Park on Monday evening.

He told the pensioner he had lost his dad, but seconds later the "dad' turned up and asked the woman if she would get his "son" a glass of water.

Police said the woman's handbag was snatched while she was in the kitchen.

The woman had shut the door but left it unlocked and the pair went into the house and snatched the handbag from the living room, which contained her purse, cash and other personal items, Greater Manchester Police said.

Det Con Christopher Broad said: "We cannot know for certain if this was a genuine father and son team, but regardless, the adult offender has clearly roped a child into his nefarious and cruel scheme which is unforgivable.

"To expose a child to such a cowardly criminal enterprise and steal from a partially deaf and blind pensioner is as low as it gets."

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