Welcome to Chadderton sign hung upside down

Upside down Welcome to Chadderton sign
Image caption The sign features the historic crest of Chadderton and an Oldham Council logo

Council workers were left shame-faced after a town's "welcome" sign was hung upside down.

The sign - which proudly declares "Welcome to Chadderton" - was fitted on Lees Street in the Greater Manchester town.

But the blunder was spotted by a resident, who said it was left in the incorrect position overnight.

A spokesman for Oldham Council said "a genuine error was made by staff".

Workers from the council have now rectified the mistake.

Andrew Robinson, of Chadderton, said he noticed the sign had been put up the wrong way as he passed it on Tuesday.

He said: "They were picking up the old sign and packing it in the van to drive off and I assumed they'd be back to fix that and put that right.

"I checked again this morning and took some photographs because I thought I'd either dreamt it or can't have seen it properly - but the sign was still upside down.

"How hard is it to put a sign up? I wondered if it had been drilled or fitted wrongly - but no, they just seem to have screwed it up the wrong way round."

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