Bury Council to issue iPad tablet computers to binmen

image captionThe council says the gadget will improve the monitoring of its waste collection

Refuse collectors in Bury could be given iPad tablet computers to improve the efficiency of their rounds, the council has confirmed.

Twenty-two of the hi-tech gadgets could be installed in bin wagons performing tasks from navigation to monitoring the level of recycled waste collected.

The Conservative MP for Bury North, David Nuttall, said a map and a clipboard would be better.

The council said the combined cost of the iPads would be £9,000.

Its internal scrutiny committee is due to discuss the issue later.

Mr Nuttall said: "If the problem is the learning of new routes the most economical, simplest and most sensible idea would be to give drivers a map with the new route marked on.

'Pen and paper'

He added: "If the problem is how to record which households have not put out their recycling surely a simple clipboard, a few sheets of paper and a pen/pencil would do the same job just as quickly and easily."

The MP, who wants MPs to be able to use electronic devices in the House of Commons, said he believed other tablet computers, which are cheaper than iPads, could be bought instead.

"It's like saying 'I want to buy a car, I've heard Rolls Royce's are good," he added.

A council spokesman said: "For a modest investment of £9,000, this technology should save us many thousands of pounds, provide residents with a better service, and promote recycling.

"The system will allow us to closely monitor the volume, and the type of waste, we collect."

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