Oldham takeaways facing a £1,000 charge

New fast-food takeaway outlets in Oldham could face a £1,000 charge from the local council.

Councillors will also be asked on Wednesday to approve planning restrictions which would limit where these shops could be sited.

But proposals to ban takeaways within 500m of schools or to charge the £1,000 levy would need new legislation.

The council will vote on planning rules that would allow no more than two takeaways next door to each other.

Officers have recommended there should be a minimum three shops space between groups of takeaways.

The council wants to control the spread of fast-food outlets in the town as well as monitor their effects on local residents and the streets.

Councillors will have to decide whether to adopt the recommendation to press central government to change the law to give local authorities more powers over takeaways.

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