Students in protest at Manchester University


Up to 100 students have staged a protest at the University of Manchester over anticipated budget cuts.

The protesters sat outside the finance director's office in the John Owens Building in Oxford Road on Thursday afternoon.

Other students also protested outside with placards.

Jeremy Buck, the student union's communications officer, said they wanted more information on how the university would deal with budget cuts.

It followed a protest in London against higher tuition fees on Wednesday.

'Want answers'

Greater Manchester Police said they had been called to the site but no arrests were made.

A spokesman said: "Between 60 and 100 students are currently protesting.

"It is believed a number are now inside the offices. The demonstration remains peaceful and no arrests have been made.

"Officers are at the location and are working with the university to ensure the event passes off peacefully."

Mr Buck said: "We want access to their books and access to their proposals and discussions about proposed budget cuts."

Robyn Forsythe, 20, added: "There's about a 100 of us around the finance office. It's a peaceful protest but we are not letting the finance staff out of their office.

"They're not too happy about it but we want answers. We want to know what these cuts are going to do - and how they will affect what we pay here in Manchester.

"It is a spontaneous protest, we had an NUS meeting earlier on this afternoon to decide what action we should take after the protests in London and someone suggested doing this."

A spokesman for the university confirmed the protest had ended peacefully.

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