Police defend football warning to Timperley father

Police have defended a decision to send a team of three officers to warn a Greater Manchester father against allowing his sons to play football in the road.

Anthony Worthington from Timperley is reported to have been shocked that the officers were sent to his door.

He was later sent a letter from Trafford Council detailing an "on going problem regarding street football".

His sons, aged 11 and 12, played outside their home in a cul-de-sac.

'Perceived nuisance'

Insp Simon Wright from Altrincham Neighbourhood Police Team said: "Playing football in the road obviously has clear dangers and the man in this case was simply reminded of this by officers looking out for his children's safety.

"It is actually a criminal offence and is often perceived as a nuisance to local residents, especially as there are plenty of parks for the children to go and play in in a safe environment.

"I am not aware of a complaint being made to police but would be more than happy to discuss any concerns the father has with him."

Trafford Council executive councillor Jonathan Coupe said: "A letter relating to anti-social behaviour is the first course of action taken in response to complaints received about anti-social behaviour.

"In this particular case a letter has been sent to the parents to explain that a complaint has been received about their child's behaviour with a request to address the issues outlined in the complaint.

"This is in no way a formal warning or prosecution."

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