Mr Loophole 'will not defend daughter' over speed fine

Nick Freeman and his daughter Sophie
Image caption Nick Freeman has defended David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson

A Cheshire lawyer, known as Mr Loophole for helping celebrity clients evade driving bans, has refused to help his own daughter fight a speeding ticket.

Nick Freeman said he wanted Sophie to learn her lesson from the punishment.

The 19-year-old was driving the Mini cabriolet back from the family's apartment in Abersoch, Gwynedd, at 63mph in a temporary 50mph zone.

"I think it's always important that as a parent you always teach your children the right way," he said.

"I don't think it is particularly harsh, I think it's what parents should do.

"Without any doubt at all I could have avoided a conviction on her behalf, but that's the dilemma isn't it, what does one do as a father and as a lawyer?"

Mr Freeman, who has defended Sir Alex Ferguson, Jeremy Clarkson and David Beckham, admitted his point of view was slightly hypocritical.

"There is a degree of hypocrisy on my part, because of course if Sophie was a client - and I always take the view that all clients are entitled to put the Crown to proof and they are entitled to the benefit of legal representation - I am depriving Sophie, not of legal representation, but of me defending her.

Miss Freeman, who has been driving for 18 months, was driving the Mini which is registered to her father's law firm.

A letter arrived at the company's offices days later stating that its driver faced a £60 fine and three licence points.

She said she would pay the fine out of her own savings.

She said: "I was driving back from Abersoch, in Wales, just after the summer and I got caught for speeding, I think it is a 60 or a 70 usually but it is temporarily a 50 because of roadworks.

"I don't usually speed at all, it was just because I was used to going at 60mph on that road."

She added: "Obviously I'm going to be a lot more careful now and just be more aware of what's going on around me and make sure I'm going at the speed limit, because if I get another three points I'm in a bit of trouble."

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